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Agora Bell Pendant - Gold

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Built in the time of yesteryear, Agora serves as a place where people gather, exchanging thoughts, ideologies, and philosophies to achieve higher grounds in group learning.

Based on this notion, we have teamed up with Antea Tigra; a pioneer, trailblazer, and expert in a handmade silversmith that has been synonymous with uncompromised quality in all of their crafts.  As our path collided, Ideologies are shared, and the result is TOTEM; a collection of handmade silverware inspired by the sacred belief of the ancient era with a functional twist.

Agora Bell Pendant

Empowering Gratitude.

Campanula, the Bell Flower has more to offer than its look.
The flower symbolizes affection, constancy, and most importantly, gratitude.
This timeless message encourages us to carry the momentum forward and was made based on
our shared gratitude towards our patrons. Despite the challenging times we all face, we’d like to give our all, which will hopefully further inspires the wearer of this bell pendant.

Agora Bell Pendant - Silver made of 18k Gold. All handcrafted in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

/All purchases included Leather String with Silver beads.
/Optional upgrade to 60 Cm Thin Silver Chainset and 50 or 60 CM Thick Silver /Chainset

Please refer to the last image

Due to the nature of handmade creation, expect a slight difference in measurement, form, and finishing on each product.

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