Rp 598,000

Prepare to launch!

Lockdown bolt number 1, released.
Initiating umbilical bridge retraction system.
Lockdown bolt number 2, released.
Retracting primary and secondary restraining frame.“
Launch path cleared. All green.
Launching preparation, completed.
Man-made multipurpose carrier system remapped. Synced at 100% rate and ready to deploy…”
“A-001, Ready!”
“A-002, Ready!”
“A-002, Ready!”

Introducing: The 4th Impact Series

ORBITGear The 4th Impact Series offers our staples units with remapped shell, color, and cut. The 4th Impact Collection consisting EVS100A Helmet Bag, EVM100A, EVR231A, EVR221A, EVR211A, EVMODF-1 SP, EVMOD-2 SP, EVMOD-01, EVMOD-02, EVMOD-BT in 3 colorways coded with UNIT 00, UNIT 01, and UNIT 02.

The 4th Impact Series is made of waterproof and lightweight Sailcloth Shell and technical hardware. All compatible with ORBITGear products ecosystem.

All the series availability is limited to 20 Units Only.

A proper holder to carry 80-100mm diameter Bottle. Fasten with a side-release buckle and an elastic cord for extra safety.

Adaptive. Convenience. Multipurpose.

Integrate MODBT with Backpack, Messenger, Sling, or even attach it to your waistbelt or larger MOD to enable more organization and load capability to your current carry setup.

Designed and Manufactured in SMALL BATCH at our in-house studio in Jakarta, Indonesia

Sailcloth Laminated Fabric / Industrial-Grade Nylon Strap / Magnetic V Buckle or Side Release Buckle / elastic Cord / Polyacetal Hardware / Nylon Bonded 6.6 Thread

80-100mm Storage Diameter / Elastic Side Release Fastener / Compatible with ORBITGear Platform & Sling System

1 Pocket

180x100-140 mm / 70gr

25mm Slotted Ring [ x4 ] / BOTTLE NOT INCLUDED

All ADV & CORE Series Platform / ambisSLING / AXIS Sling / MODF-1 / MODZIP-1 / M100 / M200

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