MOD System

EXT403 "ambiSLING MK4"

Rp 498,000

ambiSLING is ORBITGear ambidextrous and fully padded sling designed for a 50mm attachment Point. ambiSLING offers a stable fit and unparalleled comfort for active users.

ambiSLING compatibility: R202, R203, R221, R231, M300, M400
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/elecor580D Fabric
/Dual-Density Foam
/Breathable Spacer Mesh
/Industrial Grade Fastener & Strapping
/Industrial Grade Hardware

/ambidextrous for Versatile Use
/+Comfort Wear
/Handcrafted in Small batch at ORBITGear In-House Studio in Indonesia

MODs System, R202, R203, R221, R231, M300, M400

Fit & Volume_
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