MOD201-SP-VX "OG Sling VX"

  • Hovering around the city, chasing sunset on your bike or casual stroll to your favorite coffee shop, MOD201-SP is your perfect transporter of choice.
    MOD201-SPBK is a small techwear sling bag designed to use as a MODUL to extend PLATFORM's loading capacity, a techwear purse or a sling bag with AXIS Sling integration.

    VX Code indicated the fabric utilized in this model; x-pac VX42, a techncial fabric made by Dimension Polyant USA. This high-tech fabric is a combination of technical Polyester 420D fabric, x-ply polyester mesh reinforcement, and clear film lamination that make VX42 a durable, light and waterproof  fabric and become one of the most favored fabric in techwear realm.

    Designed and Manufactured in SMALL BATCH at our own studio in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    • AXIS Sling Compatible ( Included )
    • atMOS Modular System
    • 1 Main Compartment w/ up to 10.1" Tablet Sleeve.
    • 1 Internal Zip Pocket w/ PVC Clear fabric.
    • Front Flap Pocket w/ Military Grade SP-QR Buckle.
    • Total 4 Default Compartments
    • VX42 Sailcloth Fabric.
    • Waterproof & Durable elecor® Polyester Fabric with 1500MM PU & DWR .
    • Waterproof & Durable German Made Military Grade Truck Tarp Liner.
    • Waterproof 210D Oxford Liner. 
    • Durable, Light & Eco-Friendly Hardware from YKK, Woojin & Duraflex.
    • Smooth and Durable YKK finguard Zipper.
    • Industrial Grade Nylon Webbing.
    • Dimension [ Centimeters ]: H: 21 x W:29 x D:8.
    • Volume [ Liter ]: 5 L.
    • Weight [ Kilogram ]: 0.350 Kg.

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