R104-ADV MK23 “Globemaster/MC”

Rp 3,098,000

The Invisible Recon: Multicam Series

ORBITGear ADV System re-sleeved in XPAC X50 Multicam!

XPAC X50 fabric is the toughest fabric of all. The fabric made of CORDURA 500D Face layer for unrivaled durability and abrasion resistance, combined with X-Ply Mid-Layer that adds structure and strength,and Clear PE laminated film inside for impenetrable waterproofness. Fabric can’t get any tougher than this.


Carrying the world on his shoulders.
Facing the cruel sky and sea.
But there he is, still strong and unbothered.
The will of the Globemaster. R104-ADV Mark 23.


R104-ADV MK23 “Globemaster” is the ultimate pack for your heavy load needs featuring a progressive rolltop closure system.
R104-ADV MK23 “Globemaster” offers a total of 17 compartments, including a 17" Alienware R2 3WayProtec Sleeve. 

Ultimate Backpack. Travel the world or transport your gaming rig now made possible with R104.
Ultra-Fast Interface. Highly Accessible with fastTOUCH Quick-Access to the main compartment and OA_QA Panel that enable instant access to the main compartments and a fully open-front panel for an easy load/unload.
3Way Protec Sleeve. A Padded, Suspended and Secured 17” Gaming Laptop Sleeve.
Weatherproof. Waterproof Shell, Waterproof Components, Weatherproof Construction.
Modular. Expandable and Customizable with atMOS System that enables integration with OBRITGear MOD System.
Stable & Comfortable. adjustable the shoulder strap for better fit and weight distribution with dynaFIT System and Removable Magnetic Sternum Strap.
AD-Roller System. Tangle the excess strap with OBRITGear AD_Roller System.
Handmade. Made in small batches by a group of high-skilled bag makers at ORBITGear's in-house studio in Indonesia

XPAC Shell [Durable, Lightweight & Waterproof ]
580D elecor Shell [Durable & Waterproof]

210D PA Liner [Lightweight & Waterproof]
Heavy-Duty TPE Tarp Liner [Durable & Waterproof]
YKK Aquaguard Zipper [Waterproof]
YKK PES Webbing [Ultra-Durable]
Industrial-Grade Fastener [Ultra-Durable]
6.6 PA Bonded Thread [Strong and Friction Resistant]

1x Main Compartments with Quick Access and Open Access
1x 17” Laptop Sleeve [Internal]
1x Flap Pocket with 4x Divider Pocket inside + 1x rotating key holder [Front]
2x Expandable Pocket [Front]
1x Front Floatin Pocket + 1x Internal Zip [Front]
1x Front Zip Pocket
1x safePOCKET [Back]
2x Bottle Pocket
1x Right-Hand Side Zip Pocket fit for Keyboard [Internal]
2x Left-hand Side Zip Pocket [Internal]
2x Vertical Zip Pocket [Internal]
1x Horizontal Zip Pocket [Internal]

20mm sternumFIX removable chest strap
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Theo is 170/68kg

Refer to the Last Image for Measurements

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